Responding to an Unfair Car Accident Settlement in the Bronx

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A car accident can be a life-changing event. In the blink of an eye, your entire world may be turned upside down. While filing a claim might be the last thing you want to think about while you recover, it is vital that you do so in a timely manner and with guidance from a legal professional. Your lawyer can review settlement offers, determine if they are in your best interests, and help you negotiate fair compensation.

How Bronx car accident settlements work

After the full extent of your injuries is assessed, you may receive a settlement from the negligent party’s insurance company. It is crucial that you carefully review this offer with your lawyer and determine if the amount is fair given the damages you sustained. It is important to remember that insurance companies are not on your side. They do not want to give you a fair offer — they want your case to go away as quickly and as cheaply as possible. Thus, you may receive a “low-ball” settlement offer. Do not sign or settle anything until speaking with your Bronx car accident attorney.

Assessing the offer

Your lawyer can review the offer and see if it covers the full extent of your injuries and damages. Your attorney will also assess the circumstances of the accident, the level of negligence, your contribution to the accident, and any other evidence to support your claim. After carefully evaluating your case, your lawyer will then determine if it is in your best interest to accept the offer.

Rejecting and responding to an unfair offer

Do not feel coerced into accepting an unfair offer. If you believe the settlement offer does not reflect the full extent of what you have endured, your lawyer can help you negotiate a higher settlement. Your attorney can respond via a written letter and explain that the offer is too low given the physical, emotional, and mental anguish you have endured.

Depending on how negotiations go, you may receive the full amount you are asking for. Alternatively, the insurance company may respond with a settlement amount that comes close to your asking amount. When this happens, it is critical that you trust the advice of your lawyer on how to proceed. In most cases, unless the settlement amount is grossly under the asking amount, it is advisable to accept the offer.

Contact a skilled injury attorney in the Bronx

The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn has fought for injured New Yorkers for 30 years. If you suffer harm because of a negligent driver or property owner, we want to help you recover the damages you need to rebuild your life. To discuss your injury case with an experienced attorney, call 718-409-5500 or contact us online.

About the Author: Evan Kohn

About the Author: Evan Kohn

Evan W. Kohn is an experienced personal injury attorney serving the New York City area. He handles cases ranging from auto accidents to personal injury, Slip and falls, truck accidents, and medical malpractice.