First Party Claim vs. Third Party Claim


When you suffer an injury in a car accident, bicycle crash, slip and fall, or other type of personal injury accident, the last thing you want to do is deal with insurers and complicated legal procedures. If you believe another person or party is at fault for your injury, you need to consult with an experienced accident lawyer.

A knowledgeable personal injury lawyer Bronx can quickly review the facts of your case and determine what type of claim you need to file to help you recover maximum compensation.

What is a first-party claim?

As the insurance policy holder, you are the first-party. The second party is the insurance company. Imagine you are involved a car accident. To receive compensation for your injuries, you may file a first-party claim with your own insurer.

What is a third-party claim?

If a first party claim involves you (the policyholder) and the insurer (the second party), then who is the third party in a third-party claim? Generally, third-party claims involve a liability issue with another person who is not the policyholder or insurer. For example, if another vehicle rear-ends the vehicle you are riding in as a passenger, and your insurance fails to provide full compensation for the extent of your injuries, you would have grounds to file a third-party claim.

How does filing a claim affect your insurance?

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, you may or may not want to file a claim. If there was damage to only your vehicle or the damage to the other car was minimal, you should avoid filing a claim. If you or anyone else was injured, you need to file a claim.

First, you should review your policy and have deep understanding of your coverage. Next, you should consult with your lawyer about how best to proceed. How your insurance rate is affected is based on certain factors including whether you were at fault, and if you have a history of accidents (fault or no fault). If it is your first no-fault accident, your rate may not be affected. If however you are filing a second or third claim, expect a rate increase.

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About the Author: Evan Kohn

About the Author: Evan Kohn

Evan W. Kohn is an experienced personal injury attorney serving the New York City area. He handles cases ranging from auto accidents to personal injury, Slip and falls, truck accidents, and medical malpractice.