Construction Vehicle Collisions

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Just like pedestrians on a city street, motorized vehicles represent a big danger to workers on construction sites in New York. If you are hit by a construction vehicle on your worksite, the Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn and the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm provide strong, trusted legal service to obtain the maximum amount of compensation possible for the facts of your case.

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With more than 100 years of combined successful experience representing people who live in the Bronx and Manhattan, we help you understand your legal options and move through injury after you are hurt at work, in your daily life, or on a construction site.

Although construction workers make up five percent of the city of New York’s total workforce, fatal accidents suffered by construction workers make up 27 percent of all work-related deaths in the city. Construction work is dangerous and requires that contractors and workers comply by the rules. Many work-related injuries and deaths are caused when workers are struck by construction equipment and vehicles.

Vehicles pose a dangerous hazard on New York City construction sites

Heavy equipment and motorized vehicles are important tools on any worksite. Trucks, excavators, bulldozers, forklifts, and skid-steer loaders are common and used in residential and commercial construction settings.

When safety protocols are ignored on jobsites, serious accidents are the result. Your ladder may collapse, or you could be struck by falling or flying debris. Another type of too-common “struck-by” accident occurs when a worker is hit by a construction vehicle or the materials it is carrying. These types of accidents are often serious and have a number of causes including:

  • At ground level, you may be struck by a load of material carried by a construction vehicle. The driver may not have seen you while turning or moving, putting you in its path. The same goes when you are within the swing zone of a crane or other suspended load.
  • Heavy equipment operators must be well-trained to avoid collisions. Forklifts are notoriously dangerous as it is difficult for the driver to see other workers when the load is lifted and lowered. Moving forward is especially dangerous if the equipment or load itself is blocking the operator from seeing the path ahead.
  • Vehicle operators are often hurt or killed when their vehicles are not properly maintained. When heavy equipment fails, everyone in the vicinity is in danger. Operators are often hurt in rollovers going down inclines, or when equipment is located too near the edge of an excavated area.
  • Construction vehicle fatalities occur when a worker is crushed by a construction vehicle or pinned between vehicles or equipment. Construction equipment moving in reverse can be particularly dangerous. Catching a ride on a vehicle not intended to provide passenger carriage can result in a worker slipping and falling under the wheels of the vehicle.

Any accident involving heavy machinery and a human is going to go badly for the human. Crush injuries can be disabling and fatal, while any kind of struck-by collision can result in a serious head or other injury.

If you are injured by a construction vehicle, high voltage, or equipment accident on a New York City construction site, workers’ comp benefits can provide quick medical care. If you were injured because of the actions of a contractor on a construction site, contact our firm as soon as possible because you may have a third-party legal claim against the company or person whose negligence caused your injury.

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