I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mr. Evan Kohn beginning September of 2006 through March 2009. Mr. Kohn is an excellent attorney. He practices in a very professional manner, and makes good on his promises. He was great at getting back to me with answers to any of my questions, and he did so in a timely fashion. He and his colleagues instilled in me the comfort and confidence that was necessary to help me through my case. I highly recommend his law services.

Tiffany A. James

I would recommend that anyone with a personal injury case, see Mr. Kohn. He was wonderful in helping me with mine.

B. Hudley

I would like to thank you, Mr. Evan Kohn for your extraordinary services. You and your staff are very friendly and welcoming. I would recommend your services to all of my friends at any in the future. Thank you for everything.

Roberta James

Mr. Kohn is a great lawyer. He will make sure you get what you deserve out of your case and works on it very hard. He just helped my mother get her settlement after people were trying to give her the run around. He is a kindhearted human being who will take very good care of you instead of being a money-hungry lawyer. I would recommend him to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much Mr. Kohn!

D. Najas

Mr. Kohn was great! He became more than a lawyer. I felt he genuinely had my best interest at heart. He was able to DOUBLE the offer that I was given. I would recommend him to anybody!


I have known attorney Evan W. Kohn for a good fifteen years to date and counting. He is such a good person to start and I did not have any problem whatsoever in dealing with him even though our cultures are much different. As I have said, a good person in my view, is well rounded in all aspects of life to name: gentle, warm, friendly, flexible, loving, eloquent, punctual and most of all in the other side he disagrees without being disagreeable. Where else could you find such a near perfect soul, and so he is the person I will keep for life and wherever it takes me to!

Exequiel Miranda, Jr.