Who is Responsible When You are Injured in a Taxi Accident?

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Taxis are one of the most common forms of transportation in New York. Because they are so widely used, precautions are taken to make the experience as safe as possible.

The taxi service is regulated by the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission, which requires all drivers to be trained in driving safety and be courteous to other drivers on the road. It also requires vehicles to be probably maintained and regularly inspected. Unfortunately, accidents still occur.

What Causes Taxi Accidents in the Bronx?

Taxi drivers spend so much time behind the wheel that it’s not surprising they sometimes make mistakes. A few of the most common reasons why taxi drivers cause accidents include the following:

  • Fatigue. Taxi drivers tend to work long hours and sometimes make bad decisions because of fatigue.
  • Aggressive driving. For many taxi drivers, the more rides they can do in a day the more money they can earn. That often translates to fast and aggressive driving.
  • Distractions. Cell phones, music, the radio, and talking to passengers are common distractions that can make a driver stop paying attention and cause an accident.

Who is Liable?

If you or a loved one has been injured in a taxi accident, you may be eligible for compensation from the party at fault. However, determining who is responsible may take time and having a taxi accident attorney on your side is your best bet.

The following parties could be liable in a taxi accident:

  • The taxicab driver. If you were a passenger in a taxi and the driver hit another vehicle or caused an accident, the driver of the cab could be liable.
  • The taxicab companies. Some taxi drivers are insured by the companies they work for.
  • The manufacturer. If there was a defect in the vehicle or tires, the manufacturer could be held responsible.
  • Another motorist. Not all accidents involving taxicabs are the taxicab driver’s fault. When the negligence of another driver on the road causes the accident, that driver will be liable.

Because the potential for a variety of people and companies to be involved, speaking with an experienced taxi accident attorney is the best thing to do before filing a claim.

Contact an Experienced Bronx Taxi Accident Attorney

If you were injured in a taxi accident in New York City because of the negligence of another person or entity, you deserve fair compensation for your injuries. At the Law Offices of Even W. Kohn, we have many years of experience working with clients to get the compensation they deserve. Contact us at 718-409-5500 to schedule a free consultation with our taxi accident lawyer. We’re always happy to answer your questions. Se habla español.


About the Author: Evan Kohn

About the Author: Evan Kohn

Evan W. Kohn is an experienced personal injury attorney serving the New York City area. He handles cases ranging from auto accidents to personal injury, Slip and falls, truck accidents, and medical malpractice.