Falling Debris

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Injured by Falling Debris on a Construction Site? Trusted Bronx and Manhattan Injury Attorneys Can Help You

Getting struck by a falling or flying object on a construction site can be life threatening. If you suffered a serious injury while working on job site in New York, The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn and the Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm can answer your legal questions and fight for money damages on your behalf.

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According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), approximately 10 percent of construction deaths are caused by objects that strike workers. It might be debris, a tool falling from above, or a metal part flung from moving machinery. OSHA refers to these as “struck-by injuries”, and they are one of the top four hazards for construction workers including falls, caught-in, and electrocution accidents.

If you are struck by falling debris, a fall from a scaffold, or are hurt by heavy machinery, we can provide experienced, straightforward legal representation to help you obtain money to recover from your injury and move forward with your life.

Risk from falling debris and objects on New York construction sites

By nature, construction sites are always under development, making safety training, personal protective equipment (PPE), and safety procedures critical to avoid serious or fatal injury.

OSHA standards dictate that “all materials, equipment, and tools, which are not in use while aloft, shall be secured against accidental displacement.” When safety rules are ignored, accidents on New York City construction sites can easily happen, including:

  • Construction workers can be hit by unsecured tools when walking beneath platforms, scaffoldings, ladders, or structures where others are working above them.
  • Whenever work is going on above, caution needs to be taken below. Building materials stored in an elevated area that is not secure can fall if displaced.
  • Soil, materials, or debris carried by cranes or heavy equipment can fall and severely injure workers below. Loads suspended above ground are particularly dangerous.
  • When power tools are used, the result can be flying debris, objects, or even tool parts. Nails, debris, metal shards, and building material can be dislodged and become flying or falling shrapnel. When tools are defective, not used properly, or when appropriate PPE is not used, workplace injury can result.
  • Caution is needed around the use of pressurized tools. Compressed air at 30 psi used to clean debris from your person or clothing can drive debris and oils through skin.
  • The collapse of a structure or machinery due to poor maintenance or inappropriate operation and safety can shower debris upon workers. An inappropriately loaded crane or lack of safety procedures can exacerbate the risk of injury when a structural collapse or serious malfunction occurs. A job site without appropriate safety protocols, equipment, and training adds to the already inherent danger of a construction site.

Falling debris often strikes workers in the head, causing traumatic brain injury, spinal injury, lacerations, and other disabling wounds. If you are injured on a construction site in New York City, there may be legal options in addition to workers’ compensation to provide money compensation for your recovery. Speak with us today for answers to your injury questions.

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