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The The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn offers representation tailored to your unique situation. Evan W. Kohn works to achieve the best possible outcome, which includes the compensation and care you need to live your life to the fullest after an accident. Mr. Kohn has practiced as a personal injury lawyer in the Bronx for more than 35 years, and he understands the needs and values of the local community.

Whether the client speaks English, Spanish, or Bengali, they are understood and handled with compassion. At Mr. Kohn’s law office, he does not charge for any services unless there is a reward presented on your behalf. The legal system is incredibly complex. It pays to have an expert on your side to fight for you every step of the way.

If you have been injured by the reckless actions of another person, you may be able to get compensation for hospital and doctor bills, pain and suffering, and lost income if you cannot work. Unfortunately, proving that you suffered financial losses as a result of someone’s negligence is not always easy.
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For the legal help needed after car accidents, residents of the Bronx have trusted The The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn to get their just compensation.

Evan W. Kohn, specializes as a personal injury attorney in the Bronx, helping victims of electric scooter accidents.

Personal injury attorney, Evan W. Kohn, specializes in helping victims of e-bike accidents in the Bronx area.

If you were recently injured in an Uber or Lyft accident in the Bronx, you may be entitled to compensation for any resulting damages.

If you slip on the ice in the Bronx due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or entity, knowing where to turn for legal help in the Bronx region is essential.

Most cab drivers have great insurance but without good legal representation, the injured parties don’t always receive fair compensation.

Evan W. Kohn

Professional Representation in the Bronx

Those responsible for your injuries are likely to deny doing anything wrong, leaving it up to you to prove that the accident was their fault. And the last thing an accident victim wants to do is fight a legal battle. That’s why having a skilled Bronx personal injury lawyer by your side is so important. At the The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn, we have been protecting the rights of accident and injury victims in and around the Bronx for more than 35 years. Our attorneys have successfully represented countless clients, and we work hard to obtain large financial awards, fast. Do not attempt the difficult personal injury process without the assistance of a highly-skilled Bronx personal injury lawyer. Contact the The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn today at 718-409-5500 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

If you or your child has suffered due to medical negligence, you are entitled to monetary damages related to pain and anguish, emotional trauma, ongoing medical treatment, medications, rehabilitative care, and lost quality of life. Mr. Kohn can also help you work through the confusing and highly emotional, legal issues surrounding brain injury with compassionate care and personalized attention. Whether you were involved in a minor or severe construction accident, or a car, E-bike, or electric scooter accident in the Bronx, Mr. Kohn will work through your insurance and legal claims to provide a clear path to compensation. Contact us today and get the ball rolling so you can receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.

Shannon Wright

I was able to call anytime and get ALL my questions and concerns answer every time no hesitations! I highly recommend The Law Office of Evan Kohn. I wish I can rate them 10 stars. They are the best I promise you. They would fight for you until the END.

Diana Kitt

I want to thank Evan W. Kohn for being there for me in a time of dire need. Evan Kohn and the wonderful staff of his law practice worked tirelessly on my behalf, helping me throughout a time when I did not have the strength or ability to do so on my own. Thank you for all you do on your client’s behalf.

Katrina Cosme

I would like to thank Attorney Evan Kohn and his staff for their professional services, outstanding legal advice and kindness. The result was quicker then I expected and far beyond my expectations. I highly recommend. Mr. Kohn and his staff for your legal needs.

Ms. M. Jessamy

My experiences with this Law Firm. Mr. Kohn was excellent. They were always available when I need them. The office staff was great. I would highly recommend The Law Firm to my family and friends. Again I am thankful to Mr. Evan Kohn and staff they got me everything I was supposed to get.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I have been in an accident. What should I do first?

Contact Mr. Kohn immediately to be sure your rights are protected. Reach him 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (718) 866-3951. Time is critical, and your consultation is free. Do not admit responsibility. Things you say can be used against you. Do not speak to anyone about the accident or injuries until you first speak to Mr. Kohn. Do not sign documents or agree to pay damages. Do not sign anything in reference to the accident, not even from your own insurance company, until you have spoken with Mr. Kohn about the details of your case. Do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company or even your own insurance company until you have spoken with Mr. Kohn.

What do I do if I can’t afford a lawyer?

There are no attorney fees unless you win. You pay absolutely nothing until you are awarded a settlement, and then your payment to Evan W. Kohn only comes out of that settlement award.

If I am injured, who will pay my medical bills, and how do I get compensation for lost wages if I cannot work?

In New York State, the insurance company of the car that you are either operating or a passenger in will pay medical bills and lost wages. If you are a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, the insurance for the offending vehicle that struck you will cover these bills and lost wages.

What if I am injured and I cannot drive or use my usual method of transportation? How will I get to medical appointments?

In New York State, insurance companies typically provide a daily allowance for transportation expenses. With respect to meeting with your personal injury lawyer, Mr. Kohn will arrange for a home or hospital visit if the injuries you have sustained keep you from being able to drive or use public transportation.

Do I really have a case?

If you have been injured and believe it is the fault of someone else, then you most likely have a case. Our firm can tell you for sure if circumstances require legal action. These consultations are free, and you are under no obligation.

What happens during a lawsuit?

The The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn is ready to answer any further questions you have about your case. Contact us to get answers and find out if you are entitled to compensation.

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    If you have been injured due to the carelessness, negligence, or recklessness of another person, the skilled legal team at the The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn can help. Our highly knowledgeable, experienced lawyers offer legal services tailored to each client’s unique needs and circumstances. Evan W. Kohn and our entire staff work tirelessly to help our clients get the money needed to help them heal, return to work, and live life to the fullest after an injury accident.

    Mr. Kohn has practiced as a personal injury lawyer in the Bronx for more than 35 years. He has recently started serving upstate locations including Ulster County and Delaware County. He has a deep understanding of the needs and values of the local community. Whether our clients speak English, Spanish, or Bengali, we have staff who can communicate with them in their native language; every client is understood and handled with compassion. And we never charge unless you win. The legal system is extremely complicated and you should have an experienced injury attorney fighting for you every step of the way. Contact the The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn today at 718-409-5500 for a free and confidential consultation about your case.

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