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If you go up on a ladder, coming down safely is important. Falls from ladders and scaffolding are a big risk on any construction site. The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn and Jacob Fuchsberg Law Firm are experienced construction injury law firms that aggressively pursues compensation from those responsible if you are hurt in a fall from a ladder.

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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) estimates that more than 24,000 injuries on construction sites each year are related to the use of ladders and stairways. Of those, approximately 36 fall events result in death. As a city constantly under renovation, ladder accidents on local construction sites are frequent in New York.

Ladder accidents on New York City construction worksites

As one of the most common pieces of equipment on a worksite, ladders are also often the most misused. Because of their mobility, they can easily be set up in places they should not be.

Common types of ladders you see routinely in residential and commercial construction in New York include:

  • Self-supporting step ladder: Easy to use and store, these ladders are hinged.
  • Single ladder: At one size, these ladders cannot be extended.
  • Tripod ladder: A combination of an extension ladder and a step ladder, the ladder has a leg opposite the rungs to provide more support.
  • Extension ladder: Adjustable up and down, these ladders lean against a supporting surface.

When contractors are not cautious of workplace safety, you may be given the wrong type of ladder for the job, or expected to use a ladder instead of other types of equipment.

Our firm has significant experience representing workers injured on construction sites. Here are just some of the ways workers are injured and killed in New York each year using ladders.

  • Ladders that have been improperly stored, or not tagged as being in poor condition, can easily lead to equipment failure, collapse, and injury.
  • Around electrical lines, ladders or work platforms that are moved without caution can lead to electrocution.
  • Worksite safety means using proper personal protective equipment (PPE) when working above ground, on high ladders, scaffolding, or lifts. Many workers and contractors do not take the time to train and use proper PPE that could save them in the event of a fall.
  • If you are provided the wrong type of ladder, you may try to “make-do.” Using the wrong ladder for a job can lead to injury or death.
  • Improper use of ladders is common and deadly. To build a temporary scaffold, workers sometimes run a board between two stepladders, or other configurations to meet a quick access need. This is an inherently dangerous habit.
  • On construction sites, it is tempting to place ladders on ground that is soft or not level. While shifting on the ladder, the imbalance can tip a ladder that is not sufficiently supported at the bottom.
  • Convenience can kill. Ladders placed too close or too far from a structure can collapse. There must be at least three feet of rail extended above the top of the structure being accessed. Trying to climb from the top of a ladder onto a surface without rails is dangerous.

On any worksite, the right kind of ladder must be provided and used properly to avoid injury and death. We work regularly with construction workers injured through the negligence of contractors and other parties.

If you are injured on a worksite by a fall from a ladder, or other construction accident, get medical help and contact us as soon as possible to discuss your legal options.

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