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Mr. Evan W. Kohn can provide you with the utmost local representation through his commitment to personal service, professionalism, and aggressive approach to personal injury cases. If you’re facing an auto accident or another personal injury dispute, then you will need a qualified legal professional on your side. You can be confident that he will work hard to resolve your case and get the compensation you deserve.

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Whatever legal circumstance you are in, Mr. Kohn is happy to explain the law to you and work out your best defense or course of action. He is known for his long-lasting, personal client attention. Evan W. Kohn will be your advocate, working aggressively on your defense or legal claim.

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In addition, Mr. Kohn offers at-home personal injury consultations in the Bronx area, as well as flexible appointments. Members of our office staff speak English, Spanish, Greek, Albanian, and Bengali to ensure that potential language barriers are not an obstacle to the justice you deserve.

Representation from an experienced local accident attorney for injuries in the Bronx, is an important factor in any legal case. Evan W. Kohn brings you over 35 years of experience in the Bronx area and a sincere understanding of a variety of practice areas, city and local laws and ordinances, as well as state and federal law, of course. Whatever your case, he will lend all of his experience to protecting your rights.

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