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Slip and fall accidents can cause terrible injuries including broken bones, neck injuries, paralysis — even death.

If you slip on the ice in the Bronx due to the carelessness or negligence of another person or entity, knowing where to turn for legal help is essential.

At the Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn, we have been fighting passionately for fall victims for more than three decades. Our tenacious legal team relies on expert witnesses to bolster your case and help you get compensation for medical bills, lost income, and other damages so you can rebuild your life.

Determining fault in a slip and fall accident

Winter in the Bronx area and throughout NY can be treacherous, especially for pedestrians. Not only do you have to worry about car accidents, bicycle collisions, and construction accidents, you have to look out for black ice, snow, uneven sidewalks, and other slip and fall hazards.

However, if you trip and fall on a slippery surface, you may have grounds for a legal case. Precedent for an accident claim really depends on whether a reasonable person would have recognized the condition as hazardous, and whether they would have had sufficient time to repair the dangerous surface. Generally, to file a successful slip and fall claim in New York, you must be able to prove the following:

  • There was a dangerous condition on the property you were visiting
  • You were lawfully allowed on the property
  • You suffered an injury because of the dangerous condition
  • An owner, manager, or employee of the property was aware of the dangerous condition and a reasonable person in the same situation should have known about and corrected the hazardous surface

When it comes to premises liability cases, having experienced legal help can mean the difference between a positive outcome and an unfair result. At our firm, we work diligently to help you obtain rightful compensation. Realizing the pain your accident may be causing you and your family, we are proud to operate on a contingency fee basis — you pay us nothing unless you receive compensation.

Causes of winter-time slip and fall accidents in the Bronx

While most New Yorkers are used to the frigid weather, snow, and ice that blankets the city every year, slip and fall accidents abound. Sadly, many fall injuries are preventable if only property owners would exercise due care. Some common causes of ice and snow related slip and falls include:

  • The City fails to remove snow or ice properly or in time
  • Store owners wait too long to remove slush or ice
  • Property owners clear snow but fail to de-ice their property
  • Leaking water freezes and creates perilous black ice
  • Premises owners throw salt or sand but fail to properly remove snow and slush

When you seek our help, we waste no time in processing your case and helping you obtain reimbursement for your injuries. Whether you slip on a patch of ice commuting to work in the winter, or trip on a piece of cracked sidewalk in the spring, you deserve just compensation.

Experienced Bronx slip and fall attorney upholds your rights

The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn is committed to helping slip and fall victims recover fair compensation for medical bills, pain and suffering, and other damages. We understand that your injuries may be severe, and we are ready to work tirelessly to help you fight back. Call 718-409-5500 or contact us today to schedule a free initial consultation with a highly respected injury lawyer at our Bronx office.