The reputation speaks for itself.

I want to thank Evan W. Kohn for being there for me in a time of dire need. Evan Kohn and the wonderful staff of his law practice worked tirelessly on my behalf, helping me throughout a time when I did not have the strength or ability to do so on my own. Thank you for all you do on your client’s behalf.

Diana Kitt

Mr. Kohn is very professional. I called late in the day and met with his team the next day. I highly recommend Evan Kohn.

Andy Jones

Very nice staff. Kohn was very helpful with my case. He helped me get as much as I. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs him.

Lovely Lagazon

I had the privilege of having the law firm of Evan W. Kohn representing me when my car was hit from behind. Mr. Kohn took my case, and with his very competent staff from beginning to end my case was very successful. You can never be disappointed when you have Evan W. Kohn represent you.Thank you Mr.Kohn and staff kind service.

Bryan Stewart

Great lawyer good staff very polite they update you very well on everything he’s always in the office unless on lunch

Tamikah Wright

Mr. Kohn was excellent. He got the job done much quicker and without any red tape. I am thoroughly satisfied.


I would recommend that anyone with a personal injury case, see Mr. Kohn. He was wonderful in helping me with mine.


The Law Office of Evan W. Kohn was a blessing after my automobile accident. The assistance I received from the beginning until the end, was always exceptional. Communication is always key to me, and everything was always communicated whether it was the staff or Mr. Kohn directly. I would recommend this office to anyone that ever needed any legal representation due to an accident.

Harriet Bensaah

I enjoyed doing business with Mr. Kohn. His secretaries are very pleasant, yet professional. If I’m ever in need of a lawyer again, I will definitely go back.

Priscilla Waterberg

I highly recommend Evan kohn, very professional and friendly staff, they settled my case, I got twice of the money that the insurance was trying to settle with me for.

Ileana Flynn

I would like to thank you mr kohen for your extraordinary services. You have a wonderful staff I’m very satisfied with your service I highly recommend anyone with a personal injury case see mr kohen you won’t regret.

Nicole Cruz

I experienced a car accident and was severely injured. I needed legal representation of my accident immediately and called The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn. Mr. Kohn knows the law and explains it very well to how it pertains to your case in an understandable fashion. Mr. Kohn treats his clients as if your part of a family and not just a file. I highly recommend The Law Office of Evan W. Kohn.

L. Smith

Mr. Kohn guided me through the process representing me with the insurance. The case was concluded in August 2014 to my full satisfaction. I would like to thank Mr Evan W. Kohn for all his help without it I probably would not have succeeded in this matter.

P. Brenner