Contact Mr. Kohn immediately to be sure your rights are protected. Reach him 24 hours a day, seven days a week at (718) 866-3951. Time is critical, and your consultation is free. Do not admit responsibility. Things you say can be used against you. Do not speak to anyone about the accident or injuries until you first speak to Mr. Kohn. Do not sign documents or agree to pay damages. Do not sign anything in reference to the accident, not even from your own insurance company, until you have spoken with Mr. Kohn about the details of your case. Do not give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company or even your own insurance company until you have spoken with Mr. Kohn.

There are no attorney fees unless you win. You pay absolutely nothing until you are awarded a settlement, and then your payment to Evan W. Kohn only comes out of that settlement award.

In New York State, the insurance company of the car that you are either operating or a passenger in will pay medical bills and lost wages. If you are a pedestrian hit by a vehicle, the insurance for the offending vehicle that struck you will cover these bills and lost wages.

In New York State, insurance companies typically provide a daily allowance for transportation expenses. With respect to meeting with your personal injury lawyer, Mr. Kohn will arrange for a home or hospital visit if the injuries you have sustained keep you from being able to drive or use public transportation.

If you have been injured and believe it is the fault of someone else, then you most likely have a case. Our firm can tell you for sure if circumstances require legal action. These consultations are free, and you are under no obligation.

The Law Office of Evan W. Kohn is ready to answer any further questions you have about your case. Contact us to get answers and find out if you are entitled to compensation.