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Construction workers, the men and women who build America, do so at risk to their own safety. In fact, every year thousands of construction workers are injured while at work (more so then in any other profession), and sometimes even killed.

Because of the inherent danger involved in construction, it’s essential that the utmost caution is taken on construction sites to protect workers. For this reason, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration issues safety protocols for many construction site activities. Unfortunately, owners, managers and workers don’t always follow the guidelines set forth, and many injuries occur at construction sites that should have been prevented.

Preventable accidents at construction sites

Many things can be done to increase worker safety at construction sites, and all site managers, owners, and workers should be well-versed in worker safety practices in order to reduce the number of accidents that occur on site.

While a more extensive list of safety practices can be found at the Occupational Safety and Health Administration website, here are a few general tips to increase safety at a construction site:

  • Use proper safety equipment. All workers must be equipped with hard hats, goggles, gloves, steel-toed boots, hearing protection and other protective wear and safety equipment that’s needed for the job.
  • Be aware of the risks around you. Falling debris and live electrical wiring are just a few of the dangers to look out for on a construction site. It’s important to always stay vigilant and alert.
  • Check your tools. Before using a tool, double check to make sure it is working correctly. Inspect the tools regularly and keep a schedule.
  • Keep the work area clean. Because there can be so much going on at a construction site, it’s important to put away your tools when you’re done using them and keep the walkways clear.
  • Report dangerous working conditions. If you notice something hazardous at the construction site, be sure to bring it to the attention of your employer. If your employer doesn’t respond, you can bring it to the attention of OSHA.
  • Daylight hours. When possible, it’s safer to work during the day. If you must work at night, then make sure you have proper bright lighting.
  • Follow all guidelines set in place by OSHA and your employer. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is part of the US Department of Labor and is intended to assure safe working conditions for workers by enforcing standards and providing education, training and assistance.

Workers’ compensation is intended to protect workers who are hurt on the job. No matter who is at fault for an injury, workers compensation should cover the cost of your medical fees.

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