Worker Suffering From Leg Pain

When you’re a construction worker, you face dangers on the job that other professionals can avoid. One such danger is a stress fracture, which is a small crack or serious bruising of the bone. Such injuries are caused by overuse, repetitive motion, or changing something about your activity, like the kind of shoes you wear or increasing the difficulty of a workout.

In order for a stress fracture to properly heal, you need to take time away from strenuous activity. This might mean taking some time off from a construction job. If you maintain your normal levels of activity despite a stress fracture, you risk the small crack turning into a more serious break.

Preventing injury on the job


To prevent injury, make sure your work site is safe and has the proper equipment. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)’s regulations apply to construction sites, and New York has its own corresponding OSHA office that regulates workplaces across the state. It is a property owner’s and contractor’s responsibility to ensure a safe work site. However, you too can take steps to protect yourself, like wearing the right protective gear and securing your tools and yourself with tethers and harnesses where applicable.


So you’ve been injured – what next?


If you have sustained a stress fracture, make sure to get medical attention right away. The longer you wait, the more extensive the damage can become. Report any injuries to your supervisor or employer, and make sure that you record all the details of the injury and the report you make with your work site. This might mean that you take photos of the injury, the work site, and any equipment that contributed to your injury (for example, if you broke a toe because a hammer fell on it, it is recommended that you take a photo of your broken toe, the area where you broke your toe, and the hammer that fell).

Consulting a personal injury lawyer


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