What Happens in an Accident Involving a Company Car?

Determining liability can be a challenge in any car accident-related injury claim, especially if the at-fault driver was operating a company car. In most cases, the employer will be liable for the accident—with some exceptions. The two main ways an employer can be held liable for an auto accident caused by a company driver are […]

How the Settlement Process Works in a Personal Injury Claim

Negotiating a personal injury settlement can involve some back and forth on the part of you (the plaintiff) and the defendant (usually an insurance company). This process allows you to avoid a drawn-out and expensive courtroom trial. Generally, the settlement process involves these simple steps: You send a demand letter to the insurance company, asking […]

The Top Myths Associated with Personal Injury Claims

Most people involved in a personal injury claim have never experienced the process before, and as such, they are naturally unfamiliar with the way the legal system works related to such cases. It comes as little surprise that misconceptions and misinformation abound. Below are a few of the most common myths associated with personal injury […]