Escalator and Elevator injuries in New York

In New York City, the Department of Buildings keeps track of more than 70,000 escalators and elevators in use within the five boroughs. Despite our reliance on elevators and escalators to save time and energy as we traverse the city, they can pose a serious danger to our health and well-being if they are not properly maintained. Here are a few common causes of injuries of elevator and escalator injuries in New York.

Why do escalator and elevator injuries occur?

Despite an effort by elevator and escalator manufacturers to shift the onus of personal injury onto unsafe riding practices, the American Association for Justice found that the leading cause of injury and death in escalator and elevator accidents is “unsafe design and poor maintenance.” In fact, a study released by the Consumer Product and Safety Commission (CPSC) found that elevator and escalator accidents cause approximately 30 deaths and more than 17,000 injuries in the United States each year.

Common escalator injuries 

Escalators are not usually top of mind when we think of dangerous modes of transportation; however, if an escalator is not properly maintained, it can pose a danger to all passengers, especially young children and the elderly.

Some common escalator injuries include lacerations, torn ligaments, broken bones, and foot and knee damage. More serious injuries caused by a fall on an escalator can include head trauma, and spinal injuries which can cause paralysis.

Common elevator injuries 

An elevator does not have to fall for a person to be injured while riding in one. In fact, the most common types of serious injury in an elevator are broken bones, lacerations, and torn ligaments due to slip and falls in elevators.

These accidents may occur due to misleveling – when an elevator is not level with the floor it opens on – and excessive speed, both of which can be attributed to the absence of proper maintenance.

What to do after you’ve been injured?

Most people do not plan for unexpected accidents, but unfortunately, they do happen. If you are injured on an escalator or in an elevator through no fault of your own contact the Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn today. We are ready to provide you with personalized guidance throughout every stage of your personal injury claims process in NYC. If you are injured due to negligence in the Bronx, call (718) 409-5500 or contact us online to speak with a skilled personal injury lawyer Bronx today.

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