Those who are new to New York City and plan to have a car must be prepared for the unique challenges of driving in the Big Apple. With up to 375,000 drivers on the city’s streets each day, of which many can be aggressive, NYC can be daunting for drivers. Following these four tips can potentially prevent the need for a car accident lawyer Bronx.

1. Remember: No Right Turn on Red

Unlike in most other parts of the country, it is illegal to make a right turn on red in New York City—even if there are no other vehicles in the vicinity. Doing so can earn drivers a ticket at best and a need for an auto accident lawyer at worst. At other intersections, it’s illegal to make a right turn during certain hours, so it’s important for drivers to pay close attention to any and all signs.

2. Know the Grid

Navigating in New York City is relatively easy with a bit of understanding about how the grid system works. When in Manhattan, roads with “Avenue” in the name run north and south, while “Street” in the name indicates that the road runs east and west. Street numbers increase as one travels north. One-way streets with odd numbers tend to go east to west, and even-numbered one-way streets move west to east.

3. Avoid the Busy Times

Morning and late afternoon are rush hour in New York City, which means it makes sense to limit driving during those periods if possible. The city government also maintains traffic cameras where drivers can check for potential obstacles on their routes.

4. Take a Deep Breath

While driving in New York City can be stressful, bear in mind that it’s no different than driving anywhere else in the country except for the sheer volume of vehicles and pedestrians. Follow the speed limit (30 miles an hour in most places), read signs carefully, and avoid getting stressed about traffic.

If you are involved in an accident while driving in New York City, a qualified auto accident lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and plan for crucial next steps.

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