When you’re multiple stories off the ground on a construction site’s scaffolding, your life might literally hang in the balance. In the Bronx, New York State law protects you in case of injury while performing construction labor. But just how safe is scaffolding in the Bronx?

In recent years, scaffolding accidents have been in the news for causing critical injury to construction workers. If a construction site does not follow the Department of Buildings’ protocols, workers can be severely injured or even killed.

NYC protects you from scaffolding-related injuries

New York City’s Department of Buildings exists to protect all New Yorkers, construction workers included, from hazardous conditions that may occur on the job. In the last decade, the Department has enacted over 25 new programs and regulations to improve safety at construction sites.

One of these programs, Experience is Not Enough, emphasizes that no matter how experienced a construction worker is, the danger of falling is ever-present. This danger is exacerbated when you are high off the ground working on scaffolding – in fact, falls are the most common cause of death among construction workers.

Protecting yourself from falls

All construction sites should take appropriate precautions to prevent injury. In the Bronx, you have the right to a harness when you are working on a construction site, particularly when you are high off the ground. This is your right under New York City policy.

What to do in case of unsafe scaffolding

If you are working on a construction site that you feel is unsafe, you have options, particularly if an accident occurs. The first step is to avoid accidents before they happen by making sure your site has appropriate guard rails, harnesses, and support on the scaffolding. If someone has been hurt, call 911; if, thankfully, no one has been hurt, you may simply call 311 or the Department of Buildings directly. You should notify your supervisor and stay in the area until Department of Buildings inspectors arrive.

When to file a personal injury lawsuit

If you are injured on scaffolding in the Bronx, you may have the right to be compensated, whether you have slipped and fallen, were given improper hoist equipment, or were injured by electricity. The Law Offices of Evan W. Kohn are prepared to advocate for your personal injury claim. Call 718-409-5500 today or contact us online to schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Se habla español.

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