slip and fall accident on snow

Property owners have a responsibility to ensure their premises are free of hazards. This includes removing ice, slush, and snow. Unfortunately, many owners are negligent and do not properly remedy such hazardous conditions.

If you slip and fall on a patch of snow or ice while walking in the Bronx, be sure to seek medical attention. Once you have seen a doctor, your next call should be to a trusted personal injury lawyer Bronx. Depending on the circumstances of your fall, you may have grounds for a premises liability lawsuit.

Types of Ice and Snow Accidents

During the winter, pedestrians are at an increased risk of suffering slip and fall accidents because of the following perilous conditions:

  • Freezing rain — Even a modest amount of freezing rain can create a highly slippery surface that can cause devastating injuries.
  • Black ice — One of the most dangerous and difficult-to-spot hazards, black ice can cause severe injuries to unsuspecting pedestrians. Salt, sand, unused kitty litter or other materials should be used to counter this condition.
  • Heavy snow — Substantial snow accumulation can make travel difficult for pedestrians. Trudging through feet of snow can lead to serious trip and fall injuries in the Bronx.
  • Compacted snow — Snow that has been trampled by pedestrians or run over by vehicles can be difficult to remove and is extremely dangerous for pedestrians and motorists alike.

Snow and Ice Related Falls can Occur Inside

Many people assume that during the winter months, slip and fall accidents generally occur outside on sidewalks, walkways, and stairwells. While these locations are notorious for causing fall accidents, pedestrians can slip indoors as well. Owners of restaurants, grocery stores, and other places have a duty to ensure tufts of snow and ice are removed before they have a chance to create indoor hazards. Melting ice can create a slick and highly dangerous surface for anyone passing by. Owners must provide ample warning and immediately remedy such situations before they cause serious harm.

When Does Snow Need to be Removed in the Bronx?

When it comes to snow removal, New York does not mess around. By law, if it stops snowing between 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., property owners have to remove ice and snow from their sidewalk within four hours from when the snow stopped. Should snowfall become frozen, property owners may throw salt, unused kitty litter, sawdust, sand, or another appropriate material within this same timeframe.

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