Women Injured in a Store in the Bronx

Whether it’s a deli in Riverdale, a pasta store on Arthur Avenue, or a souvenir shop near Yankee Stadium, when you are injured in a store in the Bronx, there are several things that you should do:

  • Let the store manager or owner know that you have been injured
  • Get medical attention
  • Take pictures of the area where the injury occurred
  • Contact an experienced personal injury attorney
  • The store manager or owner was negligent. If there is an unsafe or dangerous condition in the store (wet floor, an awkward step, uneven floors, hot surfaces, etc.), the property owner has an obligation to warn people in the store about the condition. They can rope off the area or post warnings.
  • The store manager/owner’s negligence caused your injury. To determine if someone was negligent, the law considers if a “reasonable person” could predict that the condition, action or lack of action might cause an injury.
  • You were injured. Even if the store did not take precautions, if you have not been injured, you cannot get compensated.
  • You filed a claim within the appropriate timeframe. To be sure that you properly document your medical injuries, possible negligence, and other relevant information, you should contact a lawyer as soon as possible. People who have been injured in a store can usually get a free consultation to determine if their case meets the requirements for bringing a personal injury lawsuit.

The order that you do them in may depend on the seriousness of your injuries and the availability and demeanor of the store manager or owner. Calling a personal injury lawyer Bronx helps ensure that you gather the correct information and ask and answer questions carefully.

How New York Law Looks at Injuries That Occur in a Store

The New York City Bar Association’s website provides information about what it means for a store or property owner to be negligent and what it takes to bring a personal injury suit.When you are injured in a store, you need to show that:

If the manager/owner fails to warn you of a danger or causes a danger (knocks over a shelf that falls on you, runs over your foot with a cart, etc.) they may be considered negligent

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