Trucking is a multi-billion dollar industry in the U.S. Both drivers and trucks travel many miles to make it happen. Even minor driving errors or a lack of proper vehicle maintenance can lead to considerable damage on the road. Many victims of truck crashes suffer injuries that can have long-lasting financial and emotional repercussions. After an accident, victims should immediately engage a truck accident lawyer who is knowledgeable about the laws in the state where the accident occurred. While each case could be caused by a multitude of factors, there are four predominant causes of trucking accidents that all drivers should understand.

Driver Error

Fatigued truck drivers are a danger to themselves and other drivers. Truck operators can work up to 70 hours a week without taking adequate breaks, putting them at high risk for falling asleep at the wheel and swerving. Distraction by mobile devices and substance abuse are other common causes of driver error crashes.

Truck Malfunction

Safety regulations mandate that truck companies perform pre-trip inspections as well as regular inspections throughout the year. Unfortunately, many companies ignore these mandates, and improperly maintained brakes or tires are the cause of many accidents. A truck accident lawyer will pursue information from the trucking company in regards to whether or not the truck involved in the crash was properly inspected and maintained.

Inclement Weather

Bigger trucks are more dangerous, especially in inclement weather conditions. Due to their size and weight, the distance that they need to brake to a full stop is much longer when the roads are wet, thus rendering them more likely to hit a vehicle in front of them.

Improper Loading

If the contents of a large truck are loaded in haste, the heavy load may not be safely distributed on the trailer and can cause an accident, even if the truck is being properly operated. A truck that swerves and topples over when it should remain upright is a sign of an improperly loaded truck. Contacting a truck accident lawyer immediately after the accident increases the victim’s chances of being able to use physical evidence from the scene in their case, such skid marks, yaw marks, and scuffs.A Monster Calls streaming

Any victim of a truck accident in the Bronx, Upper Manhattan, and Lower Westchester should immediately contact a truck accident lawyer to begin work. We also happily serve clients in upstate locations such as Delaware & Ulster County. All trucking companies have in-house lawyers that will also immediately begin constructing their defense against any injury claims, so it is important to engage an experienced attorney as soon as possible. An experienced law office can inform victims of their rights and legal options as well as work with the victim’s family to pursue legal compensation.

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