You pay your insurance on time – every time. In fact, you have been a loyal customer for years. Suddenly, you are involved in a car accident. You suffer a broken leg and your car is totaled. Your insurance will take care of it though, right? Not necessarily. Insurance companies are happy to have customers like you, but that does not mean that are in any hurry to pay out claims.

Contrary to what commercials might have you believe, insurers are not on your side. They are selling a product and the best way for them to ensure profit margins are high is to sell insurance as much as possible while paying out claims as little as possible.

The bottom line is they do not want to pay your claim and will look for any reason not to. When an insurance company refuses to pay out a claim without a reasonable basis or a proper investigation, they are engaging in bad faith insurance.

Signs your insurer is acting in bad faith

If you filed an insurance claim and are having trouble obtaining compensation, contact a lawyer immediately. Insurers may try to take advantage of you, offer you a “low-ball” settlement, or refuse your claim outright. However, once you lawyer up, your insurer will probably take your case more seriously.

Below are 4 signs that your insurer is acting in bad faith:

      • Avoiding your calls, questions and inquiries — If an insurer is serious about paying out a claim, they will maintain an active line of communication with the policyholder. Your insurer is acting in bad faith if they constantly avoid your phone calls, emails, text messages, and voicemails. If you are having a hard time discussing your claim with your insurer, talk to your attorney.
      • Reject a valid claim — Some insurance claims are black and white. If your claim is obviously valid, but your insurer says it is rejected, red flags should be swinging up in your head. An attorney can review your case and help you obtain the compensation you deserve.
      • Slow to investigate your claim – In some cases, an insurer may purposely draw out the investigation process to delay paying out your claim. If your insurer is taking too long and constantly making up excuses, they may be acting in bad faith.
      • Low settlement offer — For insurers, the only thing better than not having to pay a claim is making a claim go away with a low settlement offer. Never sign or agree to anything without consulting your lawyer.

When you suffer injury in a car accident, you trust that your insurer will do the right thing.

Unfortunately, many insurance companies are only out for themselves. If you believe your insurer aced in bad faith, a skilled car accident lawyer Bronx can help you file a claim for compensation.

Knowledgeable injury lawyer helps you deal with insurance companies

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