Your priority after suffering a personal injury is to get good medical care and to heal. In order to make a claim for compensation for your injury, it is also important to make sure you can provide information about your injury and medical treatment to your attorney.

While a claim for injury compensation is based on how the injury occurred and who was at fault, it is important that you are able to prove facts and provide information about the injury you suffered to your attorney.

Staying organized helps your case

Consider these tips for staying organized when you have a claim for personal injury:

  • Keep a file: Beginning with the initial police report, your injury and the accident that caused it will start producing paper. It is very important that you keep each piece of paper in order to support your claim. Consider using an expanding file wallet and purchase some pocket file folders to use in the wallet. The organizer will keep your documents together, in order, and let you take them with you without fear of losing documents that could otherwise slip out of a notebook.
  • Files you will need: Within your organizer, you can use several file folders to hold the information you receive throughout your medical treatment and legal claim. You can write the name of the file on the tab at the top. Some of the basic files you will need to make include:
    • Correspondence with your attorney: Contains important letters from your legal counsel.
    • Correspondence with others: Letters from opposing parties and others involved in your case.
    • Medical treatment: Keeps your medical records, test results, records of physical therapy, and other documents safe.
    • Medical bills: All receipts for any medical or other expenses related to your injury.
    • Legal documents: Legal filings in your case.
    • Photographs: Pictures of the scene of the accident, your injury, physical therapy, and images that help others understand the injury and its impact on you.
    • Salary or wage information: Keep track of wages, and salary lost due to injury.
    • Notes: As soon as possible after your accident, write a personal summary of your recollection of the accident. After that, keep a journal of your injury, how you are feeling, treatments, and limitations you may experience.
    • Witnesses: Keep the contact information of witnesses to your accident and any notes you might have in this file.

These files keep your information safe and organized. If you receive a lot of information on your smartphone or other device, make electronic files to store and keep it safe. Talk to your attorney about the types of files and documents that will help you stay organized and support your case.

  • Calendar: Keep a physical or electronic calendar to ensure that you make and attend all medical appointments and legal meetings related to your injury. This could be physical therapy appointments, follow-up appointments with your doctor, or meetings with your attorney. Keep one calendar to help you remember and provide testimony on everything you have done to take care of your health and support your claim.

Your file provides an important record of injury, treatment, and how it affects your family and quality of life. Obtaining fair compensation after you are injured through the negligence of others is important. Make sure to do your part and help your personal injury lawyer Bronx build a strong case on your behalf.

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