The United States Department of Labor and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) mandate that employers protect workers who risk falls and injury by falling objects. Even a relatively small object, like a handheld hammer, can cause significant damage or even death if dropped from a height.

In 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 255 worker deaths caused by falling objects.

Reach great heights – and secure your tools on the way

A variety of construction workers rise well above ground to perform their duties. If you are in a field like public works, utilities, oil, gas, or telecommunications, you can benefit from a full tethering kit. By tethering your tools, you can avoid accidents on any type of construction site.

When working at any height above ground, you should be provided with a proper harness to ensure that you yourself do not fall. Assuming your harness is attached to an anchor somewhere on the construction site, you can use a tool tethering kit to link your hand tools to your wrists or to your clothing. Even if they slip, they will not strike a person or property below you.

While this may seem limited to hand tools like hammers and wrenches, even larger “power” tools like drills can benefit from being tethered using an extra-strong lanyard. For unusually shaped tools, tape traps can be molded to suit your needs.

What to do if you’ve been hit by a falling object

If you have been struck by a falling tool or other object at a construction site, seek medical attention right away. Make sure to record the fact that the tool was not tethered and the height that it fell from. Inform a supervisor, contractor, or property owner of any injuries that occur. Keep a record of the report you make to any of those parties for your records. If you keep an extensive record of the incident, it will be easier for a personal injury attorney to pursue a potential claim.

When to hire a personal injury attorney

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