The Top Myths Associated with Personal Injury Claims

Most people involved in a personal injury claim have never experienced the process before, and as such, they are naturally unfamiliar with the way the legal system works related to such cases. It comes as little surprise that misconceptions and misinformation abound. Below are a few of the most common myths associated with personal injury […]

What is Involved in the Discovery Phase of a Car Accident Lawsuit?

After your auto accident lawsuit has been filed in court, you will enter the pre-trial phase. This includes what is commonly known as the “discovery” process. Pretrial discovery involves both sides taking the opportunity to gather and exchange information about their cases, using certain procedures specifically designed for that purpose. Some of those procedures include […]

How Distracted Driving is Increasing Accident Rates in NYC

While drunk and drugged driving remain key concerns on a national level, another form of impaired driving has entered the picture as a major concern for people throughout the United States, and especially in New York: distracted driving. In 2015, the most recent year for which there is complete information available, 3,477 people were killed […]