6 Things People Forget to Do at a Car Accident Scene

In the moments following a car accident, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed. Your adrenaline is pumping, your mind is racing and it can feel like so many things are happening at once. However, it is important to stop, pull over your vehicle to a safe area (if possible), call the police and collect yourself. Unfortunately, […]

Wearing a Bike Helmet May Influence Your Case Procedures

For your own safety, always wear a helmet whenever you ride your bike. Going without a helmet is tempting fate. All it takes is one fall or accident for you to suffer catastrophic or fatal injuries. However, it’s not just for safety reasons that you should be sure to wear a helmet every time you […]

What Happens in an Accident Involving a Company Car?

Determining liability can be a challenge in any car accident-related injury claim, especially if the at-fault driver was operating a company car. In most cases, the employer will be liable for the accident—with some exceptions. The two main ways an employer can be held liable for an auto accident caused by a company driver are […]

How the Settlement Process Works in a Personal Injury Claim

Negotiating a personal injury settlement can involve some back and forth on the part of you (the plaintiff) and the defendant (usually an insurance company). This process allows you to avoid a drawn-out and expensive courtroom trial. Generally, the settlement process involves these simple steps: You send a demand letter to the insurance company, asking […]

Reports Show Lower Accident Rates in Yellow Cabs

A recent study in Singapore indicates riding a yellow taxi instead of one of any other color reduces one’s risk of being in an accident. Yellow taxis were found to have about six fewer crashes for every thousand taxis than blue or other-colored taxis. This is perhaps due to the greater visibility of the color. […]